This is an example guide page, to demonstrate how the Guide system is used. This unit isn't even from Kixeye.

Laser technician icon@2x
This guide page is a test page for the User-submission system. It is about a unit not in Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, but in another mobile game called Battle Nations called Laser Tech.

Why use it?

This unit is immune to cold climates, rendering it a useful unit in any of the Installation 17 battles.

The Laser Tech utilizes a hefty X51 Laser weapon, it can ignore most of it's enemy armor when it fires in addition to the damage being explosive type.


It sports a weak 170 HP and can only shoot two rows. This means if you place the Laser Tech in the middle row behind another unit, it will only be able to shoot at the first row.


If you are looking for a laser unit that boasts more HP, then the Veh tank laser icon@2x Laser Tank can solve that problem.

If you are looking for an unit that pierces armor completely, yet packs a bigger punch, see S trooper railgun icon@2x Railgun Trooper or the weaker I17 guy railgun icon@2x Railgun Technician.

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