Tribe Headquarters
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Damage TypeMonster-Dependant
StoreResources Resource Cost
StoreGoo Goo4,000


"Acts as the access point to Tribes. Joining Tribes enables chat, gift-giving, and other unique privileges."


The Tribe Headquarters displays the flag of the player's tribe. The building also acts as a Monster Bunker. However, Monsters that can be put in the Tribe HQ will only be obtained by donations from other Tribe members. The donated Monsters do not stay in the housing, they stay in the Tribe HQ. Upgrading the Tribe HQ increases the space.

Due to it's high HP, it can be used as part of the NEC if you didn't join a tribe yet or have enough defense.

Each tribe requires a various amount (Free-2,000) of Medals to join, or none at all. Meaning you have to win battles (51%-100% Base Damage) or defend successfully for either a short or long time.


Boosts are available after the specified amount of Goo is filled. Once you selected your Boost, it'll remain active for 24 hours. You can choose another Boost after it's expired.

Boost Desctiption Effect
Offensive Boost Boosts Monster attack rating by #% for # seconds once every battle! Increases damage on affected Monsters.
Defensive Boost Boosts Defensive Buildings' Hit Points while in effect. Increases Defense Towers' Health.
Ice Boost Decreases the firing rate of affected Towers once per battle. Decreases Rate of Fire on affected Towers.

Once you donated a certain amount of goo, it upgrades until level 3.

Level Offensive Boost Changes Defensive Boost Changes Ice Boost Changes
1 100% damage for 10s 100% HP -?% RoF
2 150% damage for 15s 150% HP -?% RoF
3 200% damage for 30s 200% HP -?% RoF

Upgrade ProgressionEdit


Level Upgrade cost Upgrade Time Health Capacity Town Hall Level
1 500 - 100 80 3
2 75,000 8h 250 120 5
3 500 180
4 750,000 3d 750 240 6

Building ProgressionEdit

Level Normal Damaged Destroyed
1 TribeHQ1 TribeHQRuins TribeHQ destroyed
2 TribeHQ2
3 TribeHQ3
4 TribeHQ4
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