Shiny is the premium currency of the game. With it, you can gain access to an extra worker, get damage protection, speed up upgrades and more.


Obtaining ShinyEdit

Starting the game, you get 100 Shiny. They can only be bought using real money in the Shiny Shop. They cannot be acquired in mushrooms however.

In the christmas event, everyone is awarded 500 Shiny as a holiday gift from Kixeye.

Shiny Shop infoEdit

Image Name Amount of Shiny Cost
Shiny Pocketful Pocketful o' Shiny 250 $4.99
Shiny Purse Purse full o' Shiny 550 $9.99 (10% Free)
Shiny Sack Sack full o' Shiny 1,250 $19.99 (20% Free)
Shiny Jug Jug full o' Shiny 3,250 $49.99 (30% Free)
Shiny Barrel Barrel full o' Shiny 7,000 $99.99 (40% Free)
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