Fortify Button

You can fortify Towers, Silos and your Town Hall after reaching Town Hall level 5. Fortifying increases the damage protection percentage of a building with each successive fortification level.

As of March 18, 2014, Fortifications are now unlocked after reaching lvl 9 Town Hall with tripled fortify time. Players who fortified before this update retains their Fortifications along their level. It is returned to level 5 with changed cost and time in March 22.

Fortify InfoEdit

Level Damage Reduction Silo/Tower TH
1 10% FortTower1 FortTH1
2 15% (+5%) FortTower2 FortTH2
3 20% (+5%) FortTower3 FortTH3
4 30% (+10%) FortTower4 FortTH4
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