Champion Monster Lair
—Image © Kixeye
CategoryMonster Building
StoreResources Resource Cost
StoreTwigs Twigs1,500


"This skull-covered statue is every Champion Monster's dream home. Too bad they don't like to share - Only one Champion Monster may occupy the lair at a time."


A room for every player's champion but too well designed to share. It requires level 3 Town Hall to use. Unlike every buildings in the game, the Champion Monster Lair cannot be attacked nor destroyed. It acts similar to the Tribe Headquarters as it holds a very strong monster, but only one can be used. However, when placed outside, the Champion Monster is vulneruble to Kaboom 3000's and Boomers. So it is a good idea to put it in the center of your yard to prevent baiting. Korath can be used when making it as a long-range defensive tower with one living ammo. But not with Drull as its low HP can be a problem.

Upgrade ProgressionEdit

Level Build cost Build Time
Twigs Pebbles
1 1,500 - 5m

Building ProgressionEdit

Champion Corresponding Building
Drull ChampCageDrull1
Korath ChampCageKorath1
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