In Backyard Monsters: Unleashed, there are loads of buildings you can add to your Yard, some of which will help you defend it! There are quite a few different types of buildings:Edit

Producers and Silos(for resources) - There are 4 different types of Producers. The Twig Snapper , which produces

twigs to help you upgrade your Yard, The Pebble Shiner , producing pebbles for fortifications, The Putty Squisher , creating putty to unlock and train new monsters, and The Goo Factory , which gets goo for actually producing these monsters for battle! Silos then store these resources.

Towers (the defenses) - There are plenty of towers that you unlock as the game progresses. Towers are the defenses of your yard. The 2 basic towers are Sniper towers , which kill monsters from afar and Cannon towers , which are short-ranged splash towers. As you level up, you'll unlock Laser towers and Tesla towers . Aerial Defense towers and Rail Guns which will be a match for any monster to overcome.

Monster Buildings
- These include the Hatchery , Monster Locker and Housing . These are how you create, produce and store monsters for battle.

Town Hall and Tribe Hall - The Town Hall is the center of operations, and is the key thing to protect. The Tribe Hall is where you have information about your tribe, and can ask for monsters!

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