While invading yards in the campaign mode, players may come across random buildings that serve no purpose and are simply targetable decorations.

All of the names of these buildings are named based on what they are, but not by their official names as they have no official names.

Campaign Town HallEdit

The Campaign Town Hall functions much like any other Player Town Hall, except it is exclusive to Campaign Monster Yards. It features cosmetic glowing electrical orbs that serves no function.

PvE Building ProgressionsEdit

Building Normal Damaged Destroyed
#1 PvEBuilding1 PvEBuilding1 damaged PvEBuilding1 destroyed
#2 PvEBuilding2 PvEBuilding2 damaged PvEBuilding2 destroyed
#3 PvEBuilding3 PvEBuilding3 damaged PvEBuilding3 destroyed
#4 PvEBuilding4 PvEBuilding4 damaged PvEBuilding4 destroyed