Users and AdminsEdit

Users have the ability to edit and revert changes. But that doesn't mean they can do anything. Every time, they follow the rules to help the wiki to be safe, clean and informative. While admins are high-ranked users and they can issue a warning, protect a page with registered or admin privileges and more. Be sure to follow them. List of administrators.

Contents and ImagesEdit

It's best to edit a page in a correct category with relevant, accurate info and images taken in-game and working strategies with proper grammar and spelling. After editing, click the preview button before publishing to make sure it's right.

When uploading an image, be sure to check the file name if it's correct and taken in-game. For making tables, make sure it's properly fixed, clean and easy to understand. If you're not good in tables, contact an admin who specializes in tables.

User PagesEdit

Every user has their own user page. You are free to add anything on your user page with subpages, but no Offensive content.

Do not edit other user's page, unless you have their permission to do so or undoing vandalism and fixing errors.

Warnings and BansEdit

These are only used by the admins in this wiki. Each time when a user violates the rules, they're given a warning. Here is the list that will result a warning.

  • Mass swearing
  • Vandalism
  • Offensive language/images
  • Adding Cheats, hacks and exploits
  • Adding irrelevant images (Unless in User Page)
  • Cheating in achievements

Once all three warnings are used, it will result a ban. There are 4 bans and each ban get progressively longer until permanent, the last ban.

Find an active admin when reporting a user violating the rules. If there are no active admins, just leave a message to one of them and hope if they'll respond.


Vandalism is a common term in each wikis and they're encountered in some cases. It makes the page messy, full of fake info and nonsense. The wiki isn't synced to the game. When you see a vandalism edit, quickly revert it then contact an admin.

Sockpuppetry/Ban EvasionEdit

Sockpuppetry (Also known as Ban Evasion) is used to continue the vandalism, or trouble after being banned shortly. It is not tolerated. Doing so will ban it permanently and will result a longer ban in your original account.

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