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Backyard Monsters (formerly Desktop Creatures) was developed by former Casual Collective, now known as Kixeye, for the Facebook Platform. The game development begun in early 2009. It is the parent game of Backyard Monsters Unleashed, and many of the monsters and buildings in Backyard Monsters were kept in the mobile version.

Desktop CreaturesEdit

Development begun in early 2009.

Name ContestEdit

There was a name contest where the winning name would become the current game name, Backyard Monsters.

World MapEdit

A major update was released where players could upgrade their map rooms to access a coordinate-related map to build outposts and attack other players with sheer imperial power.


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Backyard Monsters: Inferno was a major update to BYM, adding the Inferno. Players had to attack a couple of Moloch's bases before making their own inferno base.
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